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Technology of BANKER Money Counting Systems

The DMT – 100% Digital Difference

What’s Inside?
Money counters are not created equal; neither are the results.
Other Counters
Most use load-cell scales to register “relative” weight and thereby calculate the quantity of money (think bathroom, produce or meat scales). These inexpensive-to-manufacture units use analog mechanisms that only display in a digital format. Due to the internal mechanism, they are adversely affected by humidity, elevation, temperature and off-level surfaces. They require calibration (must be “leveled”), and they tend to fluctuate. Generally, a V-shaped hood is used to center the money on the middle 25% of the counting surface in an attempt to overcome the inconsistencies experienced with this type of sensor. Some customers find a need to recount.
The Banker Money Counting Systems | Digital Technology
The BANKER's unique, patented DMT (Digital Mass Transducer) sensor is the industry leader for highly accurate counting (think money and pharmaceuticals). The DMT measures mass. The high-quality internal mechanism that drives the BANKER assures accurate counts under varying conditions, elevations, temperatures and surfaces. Intelligent by Design™, the BANKER uses a 100% digital method to measure, calculate and display the count. No level is required or needed. Around the world, the BANKER operates accurately.

Put simply 
                    with the BANKER working for your business,

                                            count ONCE … counting DONE!