Welcome to the BANKER Money Counter Website

In life, imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery. In business,
it indicates you’re the leader. Often mimicked, but not replicated,
the BANKER BK-10 Money Counter is the highly accurate industry leader.

With its unique patented sensor, the BANKER accurately counts all types of U.S. and Foreign currency.

• Counts all Bills (Loose, Clipped, Packed)
• Counts all Coins (Loose, Rolled, Till Cups, Large Scoop)
• Counts Tickets
• Counts Tokens
• Counts many Other Items…You Decide!

Considerably faster than hand methods & more accurate than analog counting scales, BANKER'S One Count Accuracy™ pays for itself. Return on Investments are traditionally calculated in years, with the BANKER System it is better stated in
weeks or even days.

Save time. Save money. Reduce stress with the BANKER BK10.

• Accurate – Count cash tills, deposits, change fund, safe verification, vault
• Efficient – Cuts time spent counting money
• Intuitive – Simple to learn & operate
• Visual & Audio Feedback – Reduces employee frustration settling cash
Reliable – Ask a customer in your area

In business, where time & accuracy count,
the BANKER Money Counter is the Hands-Down choice™.