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Flea Markets &Yard Sales: Making Every Cent Count With a Money Counter

A Yard Sale
In the world of flea markets, yard sales, book sales, and bake sales, every cent counts. Items sell for small amounts of money, which means that gaining profits is more difficult. Losing a quarter here or there may not seem like a big deal until you realize how much you may be losing over time.

To help with the planning and sales at various locations like yard sales or flea markets, consider the use of a professional money counter. Once your initial investment is paid off, the accuracy of a money counter will be invaluable to your sales and potential profits. Learn how the use of a money counter for businesses with low-cost products can really help make every cent count.

Starting Money

At the start of each day, you want to ensure you know how much money you have to give customers change. This amount is crucial in budgeting at the end of the day. A money counter provides the accurate amounts for both coins and bills, keeping you fully organized.

Having an organized start will help you keep track of how much money is there by the end of the day and will prevent any confusion when you are adding up totals. As you deal with small items like books and toys, you may have a lot of coins. A money counter will give you an accurate count and save you time while focusing on the set-up of other needs.

Bulk Purchases

In some cases, you may come across a lucky buyer looking to make a bulk purchase. For example, they may want to buy a large collection of gently used clothes or all of the Blu-Ray discs you have for sale. If this is the case, dealing with the cash is made a lot easier with a money counter.

Large collections of bills or change are accurately counted with a money counter and you can ensure you are receiving the actual amount agreed upon for the sale. Cash is common at places like flea markets and yard sales, especially the use of small bills. Before you waste a lot of time counting a pile of one dollar bills, a money counter will provide an accurate amount for you.

Multiple Sellers

Depending on how large your operation is, you may have multiple sellers helping you out. For example, at a yard sale, one person may be handling all of the books and clothes while another works in the tools and furniture section. At the end of the day, all of their money is easily counted with the help of a money counter. Each person's individual amounts may be added together along with a total amount from everyone combined.

By breaking down each seller, you can get a good picture of how much each person has earned. For example, you may offer 20% of the profits to each seller. By using a money counter for accurate results, you will easily calculate how much each person receives.

Profit Tracking & Changes

When working at any type of sale place like a bake sale or flea market, it may be hard to figure out your exact profits on a day to day basis. Budgeting and determining how much money you actually made will only help you in the future. For example, by using the money counter, you can determine which days of the week you are getting the most sales. You may also keep track of sales for certain categories.

If you find you are selling more toys, then you may choose to increase the number of toys you have for sale. The accuracy of a money counter will tell you exactly how much money you are making and help you budget for the long haul.

Purchase one of our professional money counters at The Banker Money Counting Systems to get started and really change the way you work at these various types of sales.