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4 Types of Church Events Ideal for Money Counters

Money Counter

A majority of churches rely on support from communities to help raise funds and provide programs for the local area. Many churches hold events and gatherings to help raise the money, often in cash form. While dealing with cash and coins, keeping track of the money is important.

Using a professional money counter goes a long way in supplying your church with accurate counting while dealing with money. There are four different types of events where money counters will help achieve accurate results.

Consider these events and see how money counters will prevent any problems in the long run.

1. Bingo Events

A lot of churches hold bingo games to help raise money and give people chances to win large amounts of cash. On a bingo night, a lot of cash exchanges hands and needs to be counted. Not only should cash be counted at the end of the night, but a money counter provides results for each winner.

As bingo gets called and a game ends, players can ensure they get paid proper amounts thanks to money counters. A money counter is especially helpful when multiple people win at the same time. Money gets split, and the amounts are confirmed by the counters.

At a bingo game, one-dollar bills are often paid for extra cards, dabbers, and other accessories. By the end of the night, you may have large piles of the small bills. Easily count them all with the help of a money counter.

2. Bake Sales

Church bake sales are an ideal way to gather the community together, offer delicious treats, and make some money while doing it. Bake sales often deal with all types of small change and coins. When cookies cost a quarter, you may find yourself with bags full of coins by the end of the night.

A money counter will easily count coins and help separate them from each other. Find the exact total of the coins and use accessories like coin wrappers to organize them all when the counts complete.

Church volunteers will save hours of time by using a money counter as opposed to counting all the coins manually. As future bake sales take place, adding up totals will only get easier and more manageable.

3. Community Yard Sales

Similar to bake sales, many churches hold community yard sales. At these sales, people donate goods or a portion of their sales directly to the church. As with most yard sales, the majority of money exchanged is cash.

A money counter helps with both the set-up and take-down of a yard sale. As the day starts, various workers may be assigned to different sections of the yard sale. Split up money and easily count bills or coins for making change throughout the day.

At the end of the day, all of the money easily collects and gets counted in a central location. Having a single money counter to do both coins and bills makes adding totals accurate each time and allows you to budget easily.

4. Church Masses

One of the more common ways to collect money from church patrons is through direct donations at church masses. Collection baskets are often passed around. You never know what type of money will fill these baskets. Folded bills, crumpled bills, and an assortment of change may be placed in the basket.

Using a money sorter with trays and baskets make counting a lot easier than older counters which rely on oil and gears. The money quality does not impact the counting, and your church ensures accurate counting each and every mass. Every dollar counts with a church and accuracy is key when taking donations.

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