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4 Tips for Cash Handling Errors in Your Business

Electric Money Counter
When you run a business that requires you to handle cash regularly, there is always the chance that errors will be made. You cannot completely prevent these errors, but you can reduce their frequency and impact on your business.

1. Use a Currency Counter

One investment that you can make to help reduce cash handling mistakes in your business is to purchase a currency counting machine. Modern currency counting machines count both coins and bills quickly and accurately. Not only will one of these machines help you reduce human errors, but it will help you save time, too.
Purchase a currency counting machine that you can use in your efforts to reduce cash handling mistakes by contacting The Banker Money Counting Systems.

2. Encourage Employees to Take Their Time

You might encourage your employees to work quickly when they're ringing up customers or closing out their drawers at the end of the day. Of course, it's important for your employees to focus on productivity. However, if they work too quickly when counting money, they might be more prone to making mistakes.
The mistakes that your employees could make when rushing while counting and handling cash could cost your business a lot of money. Encourage employees to slow down when they're counting cash. When they're ringing up customers, they should count money back to customers while counting out loud, for example.
When employees are counting down their cash register drawers at the end of the day, encourage them to count the money in a quiet area that is free of distractions. They should be encouraged to count money twice and to ask for help if they need it.
Some employees might worry that they will get in trouble with their employer for taking too long when counting money. However, it is important to encourage your employees to take their time when handling your company's business. Then, cash counting and handling will be less stressful for employees, and they will be less prone to make costly mistakes.

3. Keep Cash Well-Organized

When your business is busy, it's easy to stash cash in the cash register drawer, deposit bag, or safe without organizing it first. Money that is not properly organized will be more difficult to count and work with, though, and it can be more easily misplaced.
Even if you're in a big hurry, take the time to organize money by keeping bills and coins of different currencies separated. Roll your coins when you're able to, and use rubber bands or paper clips to keep bundles of bills together. Make sure money is always kept in a secure place, such as in the safe or closed cash register drawer, when you aren't handling it. 

4. Check for Counterfeit Cash

When accepting cash from customers, make sure that you check it for authenticity. The United States Department of Treasury estimates that there is at least $70 million in counterfeit currency in circulation in the United States, so the chance of receiving a counterfeit bill might be higher than you realize.
You don't want to help with circulating counterfeit bills yourself, nor do you want to end up with currency that will not be accepted by your bank. Take the time to carefully check your bills with a counterfeit pen before accepting them. Additionally, if you have the right currency counting machine, it will help with checking for counterfeit bills as well.
Cash handling errors are something that you should take seriously as a business owner. Even though mistakes might still happen, you can help to reduce cash handling errors with these simple tips.